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Q2 Legislative Updates
Q2 Legislative Updates 


We’re here to help you stay on top of the impact of health reform. Our Legislative Updates will keep you up to date on the latest news. Here are some topics we are following.

California joins Massachusetts, New Jersey, Vermont and the District of Columbia, which have similar individual mandates that aim to stabilize the individual health insurance market. 

In many ways the law is similar to the mandates passed in other states, including New Jersey. But there is one clause all employers with employees who reside in California certainly will want to be mindful of.

On June 1, 2020, the California Franchise Tax Board released additional specifics on requirements for employers who employ California residents.

The changes in employment status due to the COVID-19 pandemic range from reduced hours, to furlough, to layoff, to leave of absence to employment termination. A chief concern for both employers and employees is how a change in employment status impacts an employee’s right to continuing coverage under the employer’s health plan. In the case of a change that may trigger COBRA rights, you will want to be aware of a recent Notice issued by the Department of Labor and IRS.

Here's how to navigate the new COBRA rules under the latest DOL and IRS COVID-19 relief guidance.

At Health e(fx), our technology integrates benefits, payroll and HRIS data and transforms these files into unparalleled insights to help employers save money, reduce ACA compliance risks and optimize their workforce strategies.

Read our latest 2020 Insights Report and learn how to unlock actionable data and optimize the value of your workforce, especially when you need to the most to:

  • Gain a deeper view into ACA penalty risk, eligibility, and benefits enrollment
  • Obtain insights to better manage your health premium costs and opportunities
  • Understand how your workforce demographics are changing to optimize their operations
  • Learn about the potential impact of Gen Z on your health benefit costs as they age out of their parent’s coverage.

As if complying with federal ACA reporting regulations isn’t challenging enough, employers across the country now face a growing number of state-based obligations for reporting on individual healthcare coverage. 

This increasing complexity is leading to a rise in misunderstandings about who has to report what to where, especially for organizations with workers residing in multiple states.

Want to know the five misconceptions we hear the most from employers on state mandate reporting? Read our article published in America's Benefit Specialist to learn more.

Where companies once had a single mandate to follow, they now are required to adhere to each state-based mandate where their employees reside. This can give rise to potentially costly misconceptions and errors.

Our state-by-state guide provides your company with a roadmap to help you manage your ACA requirements as well as those surrounding state individual mandates.

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