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2020 Insights Report

Read our 2020 Insights Report to gain unique insights into health benefits, workforce management and ACA compliance trends and benchmarks. Our latest report explores the differences among worker segments based on employment status, gender, generation, income level and more. 


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At Health e(fx), our technology integrates benefits, payroll and HRIS data and transforms these files into unparalleled insights to help employers save money, reduce ACA compliance risks and optimize their workforce strategies.

The 2020 Health e(fx) Insights Report shows real data examples of employer and employee costs, actions and choices. 

Inside, you’ll find:

  • Compliance Risk Insights: Strategies for managing ACA risk as the IRS begins to enforce penalties.
  • Health Benefit Insights: Trends in healthcare premium costs, eligibility and enrollment across industries.
  • Workforce Management Insights: New insights for supporting employee retention and compensation strategies.

Listed below are just a few highlights from the report, however to receive a full copy, fill out the form above.


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GOLD PLAN OFFERING is still the most popular, but LEVELS VARY BY InDUSTRY 

When looking across industries, the most popular plan offered by employers is Gold. Fifty-five percent of employers offer Gold plans.

However, the frequency of offering these metal levels differs by industry. For example, a high percentage of employers in the Professional, Scientific and Technical Services industry offer Gold and Platinum, while employers in Retail Trade are more likely to offer Silver and Bronze plans.

Download our report to learn more about these findings.

Plan Metal Level Offerings

how GEN z is changing the way employers look at benefits

Within our client group, nearly 20 percent of employees are Gen Z. The sheer number of Gen Z employees present in
the workplace drives change in a variety of ways — and employer healthcare benefits are no exception. This generation,
not surprisingly, has the lowest eligibility and lowest benefits adoption rate. But, over the past two years, the percent of
Gen Z employees who are determined full-time and therefore ACA eligible has increased from seven percent in 2017
to 15 percent in 2019. At the same time, the percentage of these eligible Gen Z employees who choose to enroll in the
benefits they are offered has increased from 19 to 24 percent during the same time period.

As this generation grows within your workforce, it will be even more important to deepen your understanding of this
segment’s unique health and workplace needs.

GEN Z Eligibility & Enrollment

THE POWER of data has never been greater

This year hasn’t been easy for most HR teams, and future changes to your benefits programs and workforce management may only add additional complexity. You need the power of integrated benefits, payroll and HRIS system data to deliver critical insights that make it easier to make strategic business decisions. With Health e(fx) HR Insights, the power to solve your company's HR challenges is at your fingertips.