Don’t let the ACA take your eye off the ball.

A better solution for your clients at a lower cost

Affordable Care Act (ACA) is what we do. Serving 17.6 million lives, we are the largest ACA software solution in the market. With over half of our business coming through our partner relationships, we lead the market in ACA partnership expertise and experience.

If you are shifting focus off your core business to invest in providing an ACA compliance solution, revising your current ACA solution, or looking to expand your core services to include ACA, it’s time to take a look at Health e(fx).

Flexible partner solutions

to help solve your ACA challenges.

Your clients expect ACA services. Should you fail to provide ACA capabilities that meet your clients’ needs, they will go to a competitor that does. We help business partners provide ACA services as a core component of their benefits/pay/tax solution at a lower cost.

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see how

Partner Models for you

Partner Models for web

Flexible options for your clients

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Continuous Investment

Continuous Investment for web

Why partner with Health e(fx)?

Does the quality of your ACA solution pale in comparison to your core business, impacting your client satisfaction or affecting your retention and new sales growth? Would investing in updated solutions mean starving your core business of essential funding? If yes, you may need to partner with an ACA expert.

Health e(fx) was the first to market the most comprehensive ACA compliance management solution. ACA is what we do and we do it well. 

Health e(fx) offers partners:

  • Lower costs. Our private-label solution looks like you, but we do the work and investing for you—all at a lower cost to your business.
  • Easy implementation. We'll seamlessly transfer your current clients to our Compliance Connect Management Platform.
  • Simplicity. Our platform allows you to easily track and manage your entire book-of-business in one location. 
  • Audit defense. Your clients can quickly respond to IRS requests and minimize penalty risk before it becomes a problem.

Finding the right partner for technology that falls outside your company’s core expertise is integral. Health e(fx) can help. Click here to see examples of how we've helped other partners just like you.


It starts with investing in the software.

As the laws and requirements change, we continue investing in our solution. Our technology is flexible and works with all employer client profiles and service models to support each organization’s ACA compliance requirements. Whether you want to run your ACA client services on our private-label SaaS Platform, or want us to manage all technical services for you, we’ll design a partner model on our Compliance Connect Management Platform that’s specific to your needs. 

See how
see how

Health e(fx) is one of a kind.

ACA compliance is our specialty. It's why we lead the market in ACA partnership expertise and experience and have become the largest ACA software solution provider. From reporting fulfillment to full-service ACA compliance management, Health e(fx) cuts through the complexities of healthcare reform to empower our strategic partners to support ACA compliance across their entire book of business. Our technology helps your clients comply with health reform laws, manage benefits eligibility, meet ACA reporting requirements and plan for the future all at a lower cost.


Together, we offer an integrated, cheaper benefits solution.